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What exactly does a music publisher do? A music publisher seeks to maximize the circulation, the impact and the financial profitability of songs and to coach and mentor promising writers. In other words, a music publisher brings two basic ingredients to the table which should aid the individual songwriter to further his/her career potential. The first "hat" the music publisher wears is that of song promoter. Since the publisher's entire business is music, the publishing company will have a wealth of contacts and experience that should expand the possibilities for song through media such as print, recording, video, radio and television airplay and even foreign subpublishing. A knowledgeable and energetic music publisher who "believes in a song" can be of invaluable help in getting it to the world. The other "hat" the music publisher wears is that of coach and mentor. Songwriters who write exclusively for a certain music publishing company (staff songwriters) have a great advantage in that they have personal access to the expertise of the publisher for feedback on the songs they are creating. The publisher may also arrange for a writer to collaborate with other writers who are stronger in certain aspects of the craft, thereby offering a "cross-training" advantage in the development of the writer's talent. Good publishers -- like good coaches -- can pull the maximum from those they mentor.

How to Get Songs to Music Publishers
Paramount Group, Nashville - the Nashville songwriting site is your connection for info on music publishers and getting your songs to music business professionals.

TAXI: Music Publishers
Info on music publishers from TAXI: a leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get publishing, film/TV and record deals.
Music Publisher Resource We help accomplished talent - musicians, actors, models, comedians, filmmakers and more gain support and worldwide exposure.

Music Publishers' Association
Web site for information provided by the Music Publishers' Association about music publishing, copyright laws, editorial standards

Music Companies
Promote your music catalog directly to Advertising Agencies

Songtown Publishing
ASCAP Music publishing company for original country and pop songs

Music Publishers
A&R Departments worldwide ask me for hit songs. I'll play them yours

National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. Songwriters and Music Publishers File Brief In Morpheus/Grokster Appeal.

home for songwriters, composers, & publishers Broadcast Music, Inc. was founded 60 years ago on the idea that all songwriters, composers and publishers

the music publishers association
The Music Publishers Association (in the UK) represents the interests of music publishers and the writers signed to them.

Hal Leonard Online
Sheet music, music books, software and videos. Sheet music, music books, software, and videos. Well-known publisher of music education material.

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