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lyrics > tupac

Tupac lyrics

Album: Me Against the World
Song: If I Die 2Nite

A coward dies a thousand deaths
A soldier dies but once

Verse One:

They say pussy and paper is poetry power and pistols
Plottin on murderin motherf**kers 'fore they get you
Picturin pitiful punk ni**az coppin pleas
Puffin weed as I position myself to clock G's
My enemies scatter in suicidal situations
Never to witness the wicked s**t that they was facin
Pockets is packed with presidents, pursue your riches
Evadin the playa hatin tricks, while hittin switches
bi**hes is bad-mouth, cause ballin motherf**kers is bold
But y'all some hoes, the game should be sewed
I'm sick of psychotic society somebody save me
Addicted to drama so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me
I run in the streets and puffin weed wit my peeps
I'm duckin the cop, I hit the weed as I'm clutchin my glock
ni**az is hot when I hit the block, what if I die tonight


If I die tonight (repeat 3X)
"Tonight's the night I get in some s**t" - Dr. Dre

Verse Two:

Polishin pistols prepare for battle pa*s the punk
When I get to poppin ni**az is droppin then they done
Callin the coroner come collect the f**kin corpse
He got it by killin we got the power bein boss
Revenge is the method we're never steppin keep a weapon close
Adversaries are overdosed over deadly notes
Jealous ni**az and broke bi**hes equal packed jails
Hit the block and fill your pockets makin crack sales
Picture perfection pursuin paper with a pa*sion
Visions of prisons for all the pussies that I blasted
Runnin with criminals individuals with no remorse
Try to stop me my pistol posse's usin deadly force
In my brain all I can think about is fame
The police know my name, a different game, ain't a thing changed
I'm seein silly teary photos of my peers
Conversatin like they still here, if I die tonight


Verse Three:

Pussy and paper is poetry power and pistols
Plottin on murderin motherf**kers 'fore they get you
Pray to the heavens three-fifty-sevens to the sky
And I hope I'm forgiven for Thug Livin when I die
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto for Thug ni**az
A stress free life and a spot for drug dealers
Pissin while practicin how to pimp and be a playa
Overdose of a d**k, while drinkin liquor when I lay her
Pistol whippin these simps, for bein petrified and lame
Disrespectin the game, prayin for punishment and pain
Goin insane, never die, live eternal, who shall I fear?
Don't shed a tear for me ni**a I ain't happy hear
I hope they bury me and send me to my rest
Headlines readin MURDERED TO DEATH, my last breath
Take a look picture a crook on his last stand
Motherf**kers don't understand, if I die tonight

Album: Me Against the World
Song: Me Against the World

It's just me against tha World

ooohhhhh ooohhhhh

just me against tha world baby

ohhhhhh ohhhhhh

I got nothin' ta lose
it's just me against tha world


stuck in tha game
me against tha world baby

Can you picture my prophecy?
stress in tha city
tha cops is hot for me
tha projects is full of bullets
tha bodies is droppin'
there ain't no stoppin me
constantly moven while maken millions
witnessin' killins
leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings
caries tha children
cause they're illin'
addicted to killin'
a near appeal from tha cap pealin'
what i'm feelin'
but will they last or be blasted
hard headed bastard
maybe he'll listen in his casket
tha aftermath
more bodies being buried
i'm losen my homies in a hurry
they're relocating to tha cemetary
got me worried
my visions bluried
tha question is will I live
no one in tha world loves me
i'm headed for danger
don't trust strangers
put one in tha chamber
whatever i'm feelin' is anger
don't wanna make excuses
cause this is how it is
what's tha use
unless we're shootin'
no one notices tha youth
It's Just Me against tha World baby


Me against tha world
It's Just me against tha World

It's Just Me Against tha World
Me Against tha World
cause it's just me against tha world baby

Me against tha World

ooohhhh yeeah

I got nothin' ta lose
It's Just me against tha world baby

I got nothin' ta lose

[Dramacydal's verse]

Could somebody help me?
i'm out here all by myself
seeing ladies in stores
baby capones
livin wealthy
pictures of my birth
on tha surface what i'm dreamin'
seein' daddy seein'
full of crooked deamons
already crazy and screamin'
I guess them nightmares as a child
had me scared
but left me prepared
for awhile
is there another route?
for crooked outlaws
that are in a villian of young thugs

everday is more death
plus i'm more rollin
i'm seein more beatens
for me
to proceed with fear
scheme on schemeing
amd leavin' their peeps grievin'
cause ain't no bucks ta stack up
my nuts is backed up
i'm about ta act up
go load tha mack up
now watch me klack up
try makin' fat cuts
but yo it ain't workin
and evils lurken
I can see him smirken
when I gets tha bourbon
so what
go put some work in
and make my mail
makin' sells
risken 25 with a 'L'
but oh well


Me Against tha World
with nothin' ta lose
it's just me against tha world


It's just Me Against tha World baby
Me Against tha world
I got nothin' ta lose
It's just Me Against tha World


It's just Me Against tha World baby

with nothin ta lose
it's just me against tha world baby
Me against tha world

Me against tha world

I got nothin' ta lose
it's just me against tha World baby


[Tupac's verse]

With all this extra stressin'
tha question I wonder is after death
I feel my last breath
when will I finaly get to rest from this supression
they punish tha people that's askin questions
and those that possess
steal from tha ones without possesions
tha message I stress
to make it stop
study your lessons
don't settle for less
even tha genius asks questions
be gratifull for blessins
don't ever change
keep your essense
tha powers in tha people and tha politics we address
always do your best
don't let this pressure make ya panic
and when ya get stranded
and things don't go tha way ya planed it
dreaming of richs
in a position of makin' a difference
polititions and hipocrites
they don't wanna listen
if i'm insane
then tha fame ain't about ta change
it wasn't nothin' like tha game
it's just me Against tha World


Me against tha World
nothin ta lose
It's just Me Against tha world baby

Me Against tha World
got me stuck in tha game
It's just Me Against tha World

i'm outshining [???] tha news
It's just me against tha world baby
Me against tha World
that's right...
I know it seem hard someties, but uh...
remember one thing
through every dark night
there's a bright day after that
so no matter how hard it get
stick ya chest out
keep ya head up
and handle it

Me against tha World
Me against tha world
Me against tha world

Song: So Many Tears

I shall fear no man, but God
though I walk through tha valley of death
I shed so many tears
Please God walk with me...

back in Elementry, I thrived on misery
left me alone I grew up amongst a dying breed
as my mind couldn't find a place ta rest
untill I got that Thug Life Planted on my chest
tell me can ya feel me ?
I'm not liven in tha Past, Ya wanna last
Be tha first ta blast, remember Kato
no longer with us he's deseased
call on tha sirens, I seem him murdered in tha streets
now rest in peace
Is there heaven for a 'G' ?
remember me, so many homies in tha cemetary
shed so many tears


I suffer through tha years
and shed so many tears
I lost so many peers, shed so many tears

Now that i'm strugglin' in this business
by any means, label me greedy gettin green
but seldom seen
and f**k tha world cuz i'm cursed
I'm havin visions of leaven here in a hurse
God can ya feel me ?
take me away from all tha pressure and all tha pain
show me some happiness again
i'm goin' blind
I spend my time in this cell, ain't livin' well
I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail ?
my life is in denial
and when I Die, babtised in Eternal Fire
shed so many tears...


I suffer through tha years
and shed so many tears
I lost so many peers, shed so many tears

Now i'm lost and i'm weary
so many tears, i'm suicidal, so don't stand near me
my every move is a compilated step
ta bring me closer
to embrace an early death now there's nothing left
there was no mercy on tha streets
I couldn't rest
I'm barely standing, bout to go to pieces, screaming peace
and though my soul was deleted, I couldn't see it
I had my mind full of deamons tryin' ta break free
they planted seeds and they hatched sparking tha flame
in my brain like a match, such a dirty game
no memories, just misery
painting a picture of my enemies killing me in my sleep
will I survive till' tha morning ta see tha sun
please lord forgive me for my sins
cause here I come...


I suffer through tha years
and shed so many tears
I lost so many peers, shed so many tears

Lord knows i've tried, been a witness ta homicide
drive-bys taken lives, little kids die
wonder why as I walk by
Broken hearted as I glance at tha chaulk line, gettin' high
this ain't tha life for me
I wanna change
but ain't no future right for me
i'm stuck in tha game
i'm trapped inside a maze
see this Tangaray influenced me ta gettin crazy
disillusioned lately
i've been really wanting babies
so I could see a part of me that wasn't always shady
don't trust my lady
cause she's a product of this poison, i'm hearen noises
think she's f**ken with my boys, can't take no more
i'm fallin' to tha floor
beggin' for tha Lord ta let me in Heavens door
I shed so many tears...


I lost so many peers
and shed so many tears
I lost so many peers, shed so many tears
fades... I suffered through tha years and shed so many tears

Song: It Ain't Easy

Keepin it real

Verse One: 2Pac

I take a shot of Henessee now I'm strong enough to face the madness
Nickel bag full of sess weed laced with hash
Phone calls from my ni**az on the, other side
Two childhood friends just died, I couldn't cry
A damn shame, when will we ever change
And what remains from a twelve gauge to the brain
Arguements with my Boo is true
I spend mo' time with my ni**az than I do with you
But everywhere it's the same thang, that's the game
I'll be damned if a thang changed, f**k the fame
I'll be hustling to make a mill-ion, lord knows
Ain't no love for us ghetto children, so we cold
Rag top slowin down, time to stop for gas
Beep my horn for a hoochie with a proper a*s, uhh
It ain't easy, that's my motto
Drinkin Tanqueray straight out the bottle
Everybody wanna know if I'm insane
My baby mama gotta mind full of silly games
And all the drama got me stressin like I'm hopeless, I can't cope
Me and the homies smokin roaches, cause we broke
Late night hangin out til the sunrise gettin high
Watchin the cops roll by
It ain't easy... that's right

Chorus: 2Pac

It ain't easy, being me
Will I see the penitentiary, or will I stay free
(repeat 3X)

Verse Two: 2Pac

I can't sleep ni**az plottin on to kill me while I'm dreamin
Wake up sweaty and screamin, cause I can hear them suckers schemin
Probably paranoid, problem is, them punks be fantasizin
A brother bite the bullet, open fire and I died
I wonder why this the way it is, even now
Lookin out for these killer kids, cause they wild
Bill Clinton can you recognize a ni**a representin
Doin twenty to life in San Quentin
Gettin calls from my ni**a Mike Tyson, ain't nuttin nice
Yo 'Pac, do something righteous witcha life
And even thou you innocent you still a ni**a, so they figure
Rather have you behind bars than triggers
But I'm hold ya down and holla Thug Life, lickin shots
Til I see my ni**az free on the block
But no it ain't easy, hahahah
Til I see my ni**az free, on the block, oh
It ain't easy

Chorus 2.75

Verse Three: 2Pac

Lately been reminiscin
bout Peppermint Schnapps in Junior High hit the block
Keep an eye on the cops while D-Boys slang rocks
It's the project kid without a conscience, I'm havin dreams
of hearin screams at my concerts, me all my childhood peers
through the years tryin to stack a little green
I was only seventeen, when I started servin fiends
And I wish there was another way to stack a dollar
So my apoli', casue these hard times make me wanna holler
Will I live to see tommorrow, am I fallin off?
I hit the weed and then proceed to say f**k all of y'all
Ain't nobody down with me I'm thuggin, I can't go home
Cause muh-f**kers think I'm buggin, so now I'm in
this high powered cell at the county jail
Punk judge got a grudge, can't post no bail, what
do I do in these county blues
Gettin battered and bruised by the you know who
And these fakes get to shakin when they face me
Snakes ain't got enough nuts to replace me
Sittin in this, livin hell, listenin to ni**az yell
Tryin to torture em to tell, I'm gettin mail
But ain't nobody sayin much, the same old nuts
is makin bucks while these sluts is gettin f**ked
They violated my probation, and it seems
I'll be goin on a long vacation, meanwhile
It ain't easy
No it ain't easy

Song: Soulja's Story

[Tupac Talking]
They cuttin off welfare
Think they crime is risin' now
You got whites killin blacks
Cops killin blacks
And blacks killin blacks
s**t just gonna get worse
They just gonna become souljas
Straight souljas


All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

Crack done took apart of our family tree
my momma's on tha s**t, my dadies splitten, mom's steady
blaming me
is it my fault, just cause i'm a young black male
cop sweat me as if my destiny is makin' crack sells
only 15 and got problems
cops on my tail, so I bail till I dodge 'em
they finally pull me over and I laugh
remember Rodney King and I blast on his punk a*s
now I gotta murder case
you speak a' Heaven punk, I never heard of tha place
what is it ta come up fast, got a Uz and a black mask
drop tha f**kin task, now who's tha jack a*s
keep my s**t cocked, cause tha cops got a glock too
what tha f**k would you do
drop them or let 'em drop you
I chose droppin' tha cop
I got me a glock, and a glock for tha ni**as on my block
4 of'em tried ta stab me, I moved out
sold a pound a weed, made g's, bought a new house
i'm only 17, I'm tha new kid
I got me a crew, bought'em jewels, and a uzi
but all good things don't last
task came fast, and busted my black a*s
coolen in tha pen, where tha goods kept
now my little brother wants ta follow in my footsteps
a soulja


All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

Buck, buck, pigs get f**ked, don't step ta this
Quiet has kept them blessed, on a quest with a death wish
Tell 'em they come and test, and tha rest, ni**a gets
Here's tha aneirexic, i'm making it to an exit
Walkin' through tha streets on tha black tip
Packed with several gats, cause i'm also payin' back s**t
ni**as don't wanna try me, brotha you'll get shot down
Now i'm kick'en tha block, cause my bigger brothers locked
I'm hot now, so many punk police have got shot down
Other cops see me on tha block, and they jock now
That's what I call a kingpin
Send my brotha what he needs is some weed up ta season
Tell him just be ready set, pack ya s**t up quick
And when I hit, be prepared ta jet
ni**as from tha block on tha boat now
Every single one got a gun, that'll smoke pow
These punks about ta get hit by tha best
I'm wear'en double vest, so aim at my f**kin chest
I'll be makin' straight dome calls
Touch tha button on tha wall, you'll be picken up your own
I can still hear my mother shout, hit tha pig ni**a
Break your bigga brother out
I got a message for tha warden
I'm commin' for ya a*s, as fast as Flash Gorden
We get surrounded in tha mess hall, yes ya'll
A crazy motherf**ka makin' death calls
Just bring me my brother and we leavin
For every minute you stall, one ya'll bleedin'
They brought my brother in a jiffy
I took a cop, just in case things got tricky
And just as we was walken out, I caught a bullet in tha
Tha screams never left my mouth
My brother caught a bullet too
I think he gonna pull through, he deserve to
Tha fast life ain't everything they told ya
Never get much older, following tha tracks of a soulja


All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, a soulja
All you wanted ta be, a soulja, like me

March 13, 1993: Tupac fights with a limo driver in Hollywood who accuses him of using drugs in the car. Tupac is arrested, but the charges are dropped.
April 5, 1993: In Lansing Michigan, Tupac is arrested for taking a swing at a local rapper with a baseball bat during a concert. He's sentenced to 10 days in jail.
July 23, 1993: John Singleton's Poetic Justice, starring Tupac and Janet Jackson, is released. Jackson demands Shakur take an HIV test before she does any kissing scenes.
October 31, 1993: Tupac is arrested for allegedly shooting two off-duty Atlanta police officers whom he says were harassing a black motorist. Charges are eventually dropped.
November 18, 1993: A 19 year old woman, whom Tupac picked up 4 days earlier in a New York nightclub, is allegedly sodomized and sexually abused by the rapper and 3 of his friends.
December 1993: Columbia Pictures forces John Singleton to drop Tupac from the cast of his upcoming film, Higher Learning.
March 10, 1994: Tupac is sentenced to fifteen days in a Los Angeles jail for punching out director Allen Hughes. Hughes and his brother, Albert, had dropped Tupac from their film Menace II Society.
March 23, 1994: Tupac stars as Birdie, a troubled drug dealer, in Above the Rim. The soundtrack, featuring the song "Pour out a Little Liquor," recorded by Tupac's group, Thug Life, sells 2 million copies.
September 7, 1994: Two Milwaukee teens murder a police officer and cite Tupac's "Souljah's Story" as their inspiration.
November, 30 1994: While on trial for sex and weapons charges, Tupac is shot five times and robbed of $40,000 worth of jewelry in the lobby of a Times Square recording studio. Tupac checks himself out of the hospital less than three hours after surgery. The case remains unsolved.
December 1, 1994: Tupac is acquitted of sodomy and weapons charges but is found guilty of sexual abuse.
February 14, 1995: Tupac is sentenced to up to four and a half years in a maximum security prison. He immediately begins serving his time in New York's Riker's Island penitentiary.
April 1, 1995: While he's incarcerated, Tupac's third album, Me Against the World, debuts at No. 1 on Billboard's pop chart. Featuring the touching single "Dear Mama," the album goes double platinum in 7 months.
April 1995: In a Vibe magazine interview conducted in jail, Tupac renounces the "thug life" and commits himself to positive works. He also implicates Biggie Smalls, Puffy Combs, Andre Harrell, and his close friend Stretch, along with others in the recording studio ambush.
August 1995: Biggie, Puffy and Harrell tell Vibe magazine they had no connection to Tupac's shooting.
October 1995: Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight posts $1.4 million bond to release Tupac. Tupac immediately flies to LA, signs with Death Row and begins recording All Eyez on Me.
November 30, 1995: Exactly one year after Tupac's shooting, Randy "Stretch" Walker (whom Pac implicated in his ambush) is murdered execution style in Queens.
February 1996: In Vibe, Tupac suggests he's been sleeping with Biggie's wife, Faith Evans. She denies it.
February 13, 1996: Tupac's Death Row debut, All Eyez on Me is released. It is rap's first double CD.
March 29, 1996: Words are exchanged and a gun is pulled when Death Row and Bad Boy employees face off after the Soul Train awards in Los Angeles.
April 25, 1996: All Eyez on Me goes quintuple platinum.
May 1996: Tupac and Snoop Doggy Dogg release "2 of Amerikaz most Wanted." The video portrays caricatures of Biggie and Puffy being punished for setting up Tupac.
June 4, 1996: Death Row releases Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up," a brutal diatribe against Biggie, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, and others.
September 4, 1996: Tupac returns to New York for the MTV Music Awards and gets into a scuffle.
September 7, 1996: Shakur leaves the Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon fight in Las Vegas and gets into Suge Knight's car. While riding in the passenger side of Knight's car, Shakur is shot four times in the chest by an assailant in a white Cadillac. Knight, who has connections with the Bloods, escapes with a minor injury. Shakur is rushed to University Medical Center and undergoes surgery, which includes the removal of his right lung.
September 11, 1996: A Compton man whom police claim to be associated with the LA Crips is shot to death while sitting in his car. This is the first in a series of gang-related murders. Police begin investigating possible connections to Tupac's shooting.
Friday, September 13 1996: After six days in critical condition, Tupac Shakur is pronounced dead at 4:03 pm. His body is later cremated. He was 25 years old.
Beginning of Tupac timeline

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