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incubus lyrics
Incubus was formed in Calabasas, CA when the four founding members, Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Mike Einziger, and Alex Katunich, formed a band in the 10th grade. They met up with DJ Lyfe (Gavin Koppel) in 95'. He had heard their sound and asked them about incorporating some of his tracks into their music. The band had a trial jam session and Dj Lyfe was instantly incorporated into their free-form funk sound. The band caught the attention of several labels, but was eventually signed by Immortal Records. get lyrics

evanescence lyrics
Little Rock, Arkansas' EVANESCENCE ('dissipation of vapour') made huge inroads into the Billboard album charts with their dramatic debut Dave Fortman produced 'Fallen' opus. The idea for the band germinated when founder members vocalist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody met by chance at a church youth camp, the singer catching Moody's attention with a rendition of MEAT LOAF's 'I Would Do Anything For Love'. The fledgling band immediately scored local radio play with the tracks 'Give Unto Me' and 'Understanding' courtesy of KABF. EVANESCENCE debuted live in December of 1998 at Vino's Bar in Little Rock, a promotion night for an EP 'Evanescence', which rapidly sold out of its 100 CDR pressings. get lyrics

linkin park lyrics
Linkin Park has created a sound all their own, their music has incredibly catchy beats that you can get stuck in your head for days at a time. And then to back up the beat, are the emotionaly driven vocals that seem to come straight from their soul and into yours. The songs have hip hop elements in them, while also throwing in the hard core rock and electronic industrial sounds. Plus the vocals arent the hellraising blood curtling screams that are in so much music nowadays, showing that the vocalists in Linkin Park actually have some form of skill, and are capable of more than screaming. get lyrics

nirvana lyrics
Nirvana's story begins in Aberdeen, Washington, where Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic spent their adolescent years. The logging town - two and a half hours and a world apart from Seattle - proved stifling for the slight and artistic Cobain, who often found himself the victim of bullies. With its small music and arts community extending out from the liberal Evergreen State College, nearby Olympia was far more inviting for Cobain, who moved there after dropping out of high school in 1985. In Olympia, he played in a series of bands with Novoselic including the Sellouts, Skid Row, and the Stiff Woodies. The pair eventually formed their own band, Nirvana, in 1986, anchoring an ever-changing lineup. get lyrics

pearl jam lyrics
Pearl Jam, The beginning age of Pearl Jam goes way back into the mid-80's with a Seattle based band called Green River. Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were members of this band. After the band made an early split, Jeff and Stone went and joined Mother Love Bone along with former Green River guitarist Bruce Fairweather and a guy named Andrew Wood. After Wood past away from a heroin overdose, the band was done. They were set to make it big and was actually the first one to get a major record label from Seattle. get lyrics

led zeppelin lyrics
Led Zeppelin had it's humble beginnings as The New Yardbirds. Jimmy Page was looking to put a band together after The Yardbirds disbanded plus he still had a Scandinavian tour booked. He got session bassist John Paul Jones in on the project. Page wanted singer Terry Reid but he passed. Reid mentioned a singer that was tearing up the club scene,Robert Plant. Jimmy was impressed by Plant's bravado and stage presence. Plant joined and put in a good word for his friend John Bonham. Bonham was making good money in another band and didn't want to take the risk. get lyrics

ozzy osbourne lyrics
John Micheal Osbourne was born December 3rd, 1948 in Birmingham, England. He got the nickname "Ozzy" by the influence of his last name. Ozzy had 5 siblings. His parents are Jack Osbourne and Lillian Osbourne, the family lived in a very small home, Ozzy spent his time with music, and stealing some times. Ozzy was bullied by Tony Iommi. Ozzy started a band, as well did Tony, and they kept being rival in rival bands against each other. Later on they became friends, and started a band together, along with Ozzy's friend, Terrance Butler, also known as "Geezer". Then they got drummer Bill Ward, and started Polka Turk, then Earth Blues Company,(Earth). Then to Black Sabbath. Ozzy got kicked out of Black Sabbath, for showing up late for practices, (if showing up at all), and when he did show up, he was usually drunk. get lyrics

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