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hollywood directory

City of Hollywood - Find the history of the nation's most glamorous city, Hollywood, CA. From its early beginnings to its star struck nights, find out how Hollywood really got its start.

Hollywood Mall - The newest attraction on Hollywood Blvd? Well that would have to be the new Hollywood & Highland mall. Find business hours and information on the stores and restaurants which are located inside the mall.

Hollywood Blvd. - From the Chinese Theatre to the Hollywood Wax Museum, a list of the must see attractions on Hollywood Blvd. is listed here. Find the locations, business hours, and a brief summary of each attraction.

Hollywood Stars - Find every star that was ever listed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The complete star list is located here. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist!

Hollywood Sites - Links to the web sites of the major attractions found throughout the Hollywood area. The best bars, theatres, restaurant, hotels, and nightclubs are listed here.

Maps & Directions - Having a problem getting around the Hollywood area? try our suggested sites to help you find your way around the amazing city of Hollywood.

Business Directory - A list of some services which are available for the people of Hollywood. If you are looking for something in Hollywood, its probably here!

Restaurants - In the nation's most glamorous city is the nation's most exquisite food. Find the locations of the restaurants which are well known for their outstanding service and magnificent food!

Museums - More than 85 years of movie-making in Hollywood has produced many glorious memories and also (as you might expect) a lot of great movie memorabilia. Find the places which store the treasures of the history of Hollywood!

Night Clubs - When the sun goes down the city of hollywood awakes for a night of fun and excitement. find the hotspots of the hollywood nightlife and the hangouts of the stars.

Bars - The local hangouts of the residents of the city of Hollywood. Some hotspots which have a large history behind them and all have a story to tell.

Hotels - A list of the hotels which are located around the Hollywood area. Everything to accomidate the regular tourist to the truly rich and powerful can be found here.

Rent -A-Car - If transportation is hard to find, a list of rent-a-car agencys can be found here.

Limousines - Are you a VIP? If so then there is only one way to travel and that is via limousine. a list of businesses which provide this service in the Hollywood area can be found here.

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