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#1. Josh Groban Live At The Greek
The is the highly talented singer in concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater in the summer of 2004. His previous DVD release was wildly successful, and this one looks to be a repeat. Includes a bonus track of Groban performing "I Believe" from "The Polar Express." shop dvds

#2. Eric Clapton Sessions For Robert
The master in concert, with, among others, Billy Preston on the Hammond B3. Some sweet sounds, and a ton of talent on this DVD. shop dvds

#3. Goo Goo Dolls Live In Buffalo
The tuneful rockers in concert in July 4, 2004. Tracks include "Slide," "Smash," "Name," "Here is Gone," "Iris," "Dizzy," "Black Balloon," and plenty of others. shop dvds

#4. Shania Twain Up!
She's pop, she's country, she's...popular! This is the always energetic singer in concert in Chicago in 2003. shop dvds

#5. U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
Watch the Irish rockers perform their newest tunes, like "All Because Of You" and "One Step Closer." Includes the hit "Vertigo." shop dvds

#6. John Mellencamp Words And Music
Released in October 2004, this DVD shows the midwestern minstrel performing many of his hits, from "Authority Song" to "Jack and Diane." shop dvds

#7. Linkin Park and Jay-Z Collision Course
With Linkin Park's take on rock 'n rap, and R&B hitmaker Jay-Z adding his touch, this DVD is pretty much the sound of pop music today. shop dvds

#8. Evanescence Anywhere But Home
One of the rawest and most authentic (and most popular) bands in modern rock, the originally Arkansas-based band rocks out on this DVD. shop dvds

#9. Sarah Brightman Harem
Sarah Brightman has a big, flowing voice, sort of like New Age meets classical. This DVD includes the songs "Stranger In Paradise" and "Until the End of Time." shop dvds

#10. Nirvana With The Lights Out
Geez, these guys were cool, weren't they? The DVD includes "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Downer." shop dvds

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