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#1. britney spears
albums released:
Baby One More Time Released: January, 1999 US: 14x Platinum :
Oops... I Did It Again Released: May, 2000 US: 10x Platinum
Britney Released: November, 2001 US: 4x Platinum
In The Zone Released: November, 2003 US: 2x Platinum
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Released: November, 2004 US: Platinum
#2. usher
albums released:
Usher Released: August, 1994
My Way Released: September, 1997 US: 6x Platinum
Usher Live Released: March, 1999
8701Released: August, 2001 US: 4x Platinum
Confessions Released: March, 2004 US: 8x Platinum
2 grammy awards
#3. eminem
albums released:
The Slim Shady LP Released: February, 1999 US: 4x Platinum
The Marshall Mathers LP Released: May, 2000 US: 9x Platinum
The Eminem Show Released: May, 2002 US: 8x Platinum
8 Mile soundtrack Released: October, 2002 US: 4x Platinum
Encore Released: November, 2004 US: 4x Platinum
9 grammy awards
#4. avril lavigne
albums released:
Let Go Released: June, 2002 US: 6x Platinum
Under My Skin Released: May, 2004 US: 2x Platinum
#5. alicia keys
albums released:
Songs In A Minor Released: June, 2001 US: 6x Platinum
The Diary Of Alicia Keys Released: December, 2003 US: 3x Platinum
5 grammy awards
#6. destiny's child
albums released:
Destiny's Child Released: February, 1998 US: Platinum
The Writing's On The Wall Released: July, 1999 US: 8x Platinum
Survivor Released: May, 2001 US: 4x Platinum
8 Days Of Christmas Released: October, 2001 US: Gold
This Is The Remix Released: March, 2002
Destiny Fulfilled Released: November, 2004 US: 2x Platinum
#7. maroon 5
albums released:
Songs About Jane Released: June, 2002 US: 3x Platinum
1.22.03.Acoustic Released: June, 2004 US: Gold
#8. ashlee simpson
albums released:
Autobiography Released: July, 2004 US: 3x Platinum
#9. outkast
albums released:
Southernplayalisticadillacmuzi Released: April, 1994 US: Platinum
ATLiens Released: August, 1996 US: 2x Platinum
Aquemini Released: September, 1998 US: 2x Platinum
Stankonia Released: October, 2000 US: 4x Platinum
Big Boi & Dre Present Outkast Released: December, 2001 US: Platinum
Speakerboxxxx: The Love Below Released: September, 2003 US: 9x Platinum
6 grammy awards
#10. kelly clarkson
albums released:
Thankful Released: April, 2003 US: 2x Platinum
Breakaway Released: November, 2004

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