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artists > ashlee simpson

ashlee simpson

Ashlee Nicole Simpson was born on October 3, 1984 in Dallas, Texas. At four years old, she began dancing lessons. By the age of eleven, Ashlee was the youngest person to ever be admitted into the prestigious School of American Ballet. At fourteen, the young actress/singer became a professional dancer. Ashlee would dance at her sister's (singing sensation/ reality television breakout star Jessica Simpson) concerts. By the time she was in her mid teens, Ashlee had appeared on Malcolm In the Middle, The View, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (alongside Jessica).

In 2002, Ashlee landed a big break when she was given the role of Cecilia on the television show, 7th Heaven. In 2003, she had a track on the Freaky Friday soundtrack. The single was called, "Just Let Me Cry." In February 2003, Ashlee will have a cameo and appear as a cheerleader in the film, The Hot Chick, starring Roy Schneider.

Also, MTV has begun shooting a pilot reality series based around Ashlee's life. The series, which is yet to be titled, is co-executive produced by Simpson's father, Joe Simpson. If that isn't enough, the teen has also signed a recording contract with Geffen records. Ashlee's debut album (not yet titled) is expected to be released in June 2004. Although the first single has not yet been chosen, the young singer is very fond of a track entitled, "Sucks To Be You." Even though Ashlee has not released her album, she has over fifty websites dedicated to her on the Internet.

Ashlee, although talented like her sister, id definitely not a cookie copy of Jessica. Rather than follow in her older sister's lead of bubble-gum pop songs, Ashlee prefers punk and rock. She states he main influences as being Janis Joplin, Hole, Blondie, and Stevie Nicks. Between her busy career, Ashlee also makes time for her longtime boyfriend, actor/singer, Josh Henderson.

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